About Us

We are the Artisan Team, and we are here to help you have the best floors of your life!

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, helping thousands of individual and corporate clients like yourself get the best floors of their life. Just like our floors, we have a rich history of craftsmanship, service, and design. Our work is our way of life. Our precise floor fitting, floor sanding, and wooden floor restoration services, as well as our durable Dinesen floors, guarantee you’ve got sound grounding beneath your feet at all times.

As capable as old wood masters, our Artisan team is friendly and client oriented. We’re here to meet your needs at every step and deliver the results you desire. Before starting on a project, we always dedicate time to learning more about you and your needs. We happily help you choose the right service for your floors—or the right new floors! We then offer you a fixed quote and come up with a course of action that suits you. Once we’ve nourished your floors, we gift you a free one-year guarantee—which our clients don’t use—and give you a few check-in phone calls.

It is because of our attitude and long-term results that our customers trust us, repeatedly placing the task of wooden floor restoration and refinishing in our hands.
Fun fact: We’ve never really needed marketing, as word-of-mouth has been our best ally since the start.

We consider our customers family, and we take great care of those we love.

Like every other family, we have a certain set of values that we never neglect. Our core values are service, craftsmanship, quality, kindness, and respect. We value diversity, and we’re always here to cater to the eccentricities of our clients and their floors. As we like to say, every floor has its own personality; and we’re here to bring it to the surface.

Well, will you join the family?

We’d love to embellish your home and commercial properties with excellent parquet flooring, floor sanding and finishing, and even full wood floor renovations. Knock on wood; we’d be here to all your Dublin properties with care and mastery.