Dinesen Floors

Wood is about family, nature, and tradition. Like the Dinеsen family, whose floors we install, we value craftsmanship, the love of wood, and the respect for nature. Even more so, we also value diversity. That’s why we’ve got a floor for every taste. We offer a range of wooden floors and other exclusive wood solutions, the best of which will inevitably find its way into your life.


Extraordinary dimensions and solutions with Dinesen Oak planks that reflect nature’s grandeur and vitality.


Exceptional Dinesen Douglas fir flooring and aesthetic interior design solutions in wood. Wooden planks with endless possibilities.

Dinesen is a family-owned Danish flooring company. Their artisans have been crafting wooden floors since 1898. For 120 years, they’ve only used what the forest has provided for them, finding inventive ways to bring its peace and quiet into your home and commercial properties. The Dinesen team receives wood from family-owned German and French forests, which have been cultivated for centuries by foresters and friends alike. Their relationship with the forest also stands at the ground of their selection and creation of wooden floors. The trees they select are between 80 and 200 years old, always handpicked based on their structure and dimensions.

Dinesen’s team has developed an impeccable eye for the diversity in every tree and every project, just as we have developed an intuitive feel for your needs and desires. Aligned with the best floor planks there are, we are here to offer you a selection of premium-quality Dinesen floors.

There’s hardly a better place to source your floors than from Dinesen.

Dinesen offers a diverse range of solid plank floors, including Oak and Douglas. Their floors are unique and durable, here to sustain wear and prevent tear for decades.

Dinesen’s Oak planks come in a range of dimensions and solutions, all of them transporting the grandeur and vitality of nature straight into your space. These floors are a treat in themselves. Simple and elegant, they serve as great grounding to any property. In case you want to shake them up a bit, you could always ask our team to mix widths and add a more dynamic look to your space.

We’ll meet your needs at every plank.

Dinesen’s Douglas planks are a staple of high-end interior design. They create an unmistakably elegant and expressive atmosphere, embodying the spirit of the majestic Douglas tree. Just like it, they stand tall and proud for decades, symbolic of family and tradition.

You couldn’t possibly find better Douglas floors—even if you tried. Trust Dinesen’s experience and set your rooms up for decades of sustained comfort.