Wood Floor Renovation and Restoration

Every wood floor has its own personality and we’re here to fully bring it out with our floor renovation and restoration services!

Wood floors are one of the key components of a cozy, expensive room. Yet, over time, they do get damaged. But you needn’t worry. We can restore your floor’s former beauty, bring back the glow, and ensure long-term smoothness and satisfaction. Entrust your wood floor renovation in our hands. We recognize floor renovation may be pricey, especially in the current circumstances.

Floor Renovation and Restoration plans and materials


Our team will, therefore, visit your place free of charge and thoroughly inspect it before we give you a quote. You’ll get to discuss your wood floor restoration plans with our specialists and choose the best route of action for your needs. Our craftspeople will readily elaborate on the different finishing and sanding we can provide, as well as the different materials they can use to deliver the results you desire.

 You get to choose between varnish and oil painting depending on the type of your floors. You might be surprised to learn that something as simple as great varnish can drastically alter the entire space!

From light brown to deep amber, we know how to care for your floors and their eccentricities. We’ll restore their natural glory and gift you peace of mind.

Well, how do you know if this is the right service for your needs?

If your floors…

  • Show signs of decay and mold;
  • Make weird noises;
  • Have gouges and chippings;
  • Have been scratched and stained;
  • Have experienced sun damage;
  • Have lost their natural light and gone grey;


  • Have experienced water damage;
  • Have an unpleasant odor;
  • Have been sanded too many times; or
  • Have simply become outdated,

… then this is the right service for you!


Postpone no longer! Our team is here to revive and rejuvenate your floors, after all giving them a marvelous new lease of life. We’ll remove stains, erase scratches, smooth out the surface, and varnish your floors. As a result of our work we will bring out an unprecedented sense of glow and homely comfort.

If you’re still unsure this is the right service for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and have us inspect the space.

We are here to offer you the best wooden floor restoration in town and respond to your needs and wants with kindness, diligence, precision—and a brand-new vibe to your floors.

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