Wood floor maintenance and care

Have you struggled to wood floor maintenance and care for your floors?
Being a homeowner can be challenging without the proper support in place. Even the best of us needs a little someone who can take care of things. We’re here to be that person for you--to renovate your floors, maintain them, and repair them when necessary. Let us do the hard part for you.

Did you know that you need to have a maintenance coat every 5 years?
If your floors have not been “touched up” for the past decade, it’s certainly time to give them some sanding and refreshing. We can help you with that.
However, before we get there, we’d like to give you a few tips on maintaining your floors on your own. This is easy and price-effective, trust us.

Wood floor maintenance and care

  • Put a protective mat or rug on your wooden floors. This will reduce the debris, dirt, and dust.
  • Clean spills as soon as they happen. This will reduce the appearance of stains. Use a dampened cloth.
  • Encourage your guests to take their shoes off and offer slippers. This will protect your floors from gathering extra dirt and being damaged by shoe soles.
  • Use a soft broom or a microfiber mop daily.
  • Vacuum weakly. Don’t press the vacuum cleaner into the floor.
  • Use a wood flooring cleaner once a month. Ask our team for specific recommendations.
  • Place felt pads on the legs of your furniture and don’t move furniture around for the sake of it.

We know from experience that these tips will protect your floors from damage and save you lots of time and money in the long-term.
However, if you feel that your floors have been damaged beyond DIY repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will come and inspect your floors to determine their needs. We will happily sand and finish them, erasing all annoying stains and scratches and bringing back your floors’ natural glow.

When it comes to flooring, we’re your guys. Let us care for your floors so you don’t have to care about them.

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