Maintenance and Care

The average time for having a maintenance coat is about every three to five years, and when your wooden floor has been used for a decade, then it needs sanding and refinishing. When you comply with all the advice that have been given to you, and you do this regular cleaning and maintenance, you will be able to keep your wooden floor in good and beautiful condition for decades.

There are a few things that you can do in order to protect your floor and prevent from damaging its surface. First of all, you can immediately clean all spills when they happen to avoid occurring of stains. For any kinds of sticky spills you can use just a dampened cloth. That would be the best solution instead of using water and vinegar or any of your regular household cleaning products.

You can put a protective mat or rug on the wooden floor and as a result you will have reduced amount of debris, dirt and dust and you would not spend so much time for cleaning. When you have visitors you should encourage them to leave their shoes in the hall and give them slippers instead when they want to come into your home.

As a good owner you should be responsible for your home and you have to take care of it, and most of the things that you need to do are easy for performing. But especially after you have done renovation or repair of your floor, you need to pay more attention on its maintenance and proper care.

Daily maintenance of your wooden floor is quite easy; you just need a soft broom or a microfiber mop. If you use both would be better, because you will be sure that you have removed the large particles of debris with the broom and you have finally got rid of all dust on the surface with the cleaning product and the mop.

Then you have the weekly floor maintenance for which you use the vacuum cleaner. A wood flooring cleaner will be needed for the monthly maintenance cleaning and it could be recommended by our team or any other team of specialist that have participated in the project of renovating and repairing your wooden floor.

After all you can not have carpets and rugs covering the entire surface of the floor. So the legs of the furniture can cause damages on it so you can avoid this by placing felt protectors. The only thing that you need to take care of is to often replace them, because they get dirty quickly. The same damage, like scratching the surface for example, can be caused by high heeled shoes. So you should avoid wearing your high heels when you go out or come back in the house. You should build a habit of wearing slippers or socks.

And if you happen to have a pet, you should regularly cut its claws, because they can also cause such an effect on the floor surface just like the high heels. And you should do it not only to protect your floor, but is also good for your dog.