Wood Floor Renovation and Restoration

And you should not worry that this is a service that it will be difficult for you to afford. Our company is there for you and our team can come to your place, make a free inspection and we can tell you a fixed price after discussing the variants for the renovation that you have in mind, the different finishing, the possible materials, so that you will know in advance what you have to pay for this service.

And depending on the type of wooden floor that you have, we can offer you various choices of varnish or oil finishing that you like and prefer. And when the old layers are gone, and the new varnish covers the wooden floor, you may not believe your eyes that something so simple at first glance can have such an effect. Those beautiful wooden floors should be treated with natural oil and layers of quality products so that they can show their true shine.

Wooden floors are beautiful, they look great and at the same time they feel so comfortable when you step on them, because they are usually smooth and warm, and it is so easy to walk on them. They are this type of flooring that gives us this additional coziness that we need at the place that we can call home. The only thing is that we have to take care of it so that it will not fade or break, just like we have to take care of every piece of furniture and clothes, and things.

But there are different reasons due to which the wooden floors lose their good condition – it amortizes with the time because it is being frequently used, but we do not pay so much attention when we do not see it under the soft carpets and we usually do not plan its repair in the budget. And all of a sudden, here we are, you have suddenly realized that you need renovating services for your wooden floors.

And you should know that there is no job or task that could be small to us. We have a respect to our clients, we establish good relations with them, and it does not matter what the size of the project is – we like working at industrial buildings as well as domestic, cozy homes. You can call or email us, and we will contact you back immediately to discuss the details – when it is suitable for you to come and see your home, when do you prefer the job to be done, etc.

We are sure that you have an opinion what you want, and we have a deep respect for it, but you should also rely on our professional opinion. The cheapest quote is not always the best one, as well the most expensive does not guarantee you that you will get the most beautiful result. We can be honest about the most suitable material and if the one you have chosen is the best possible choice. We believe that this is important, because we want our clients to be aware of the variants they can have and make their own mind what they would prefer.