Artisan floors is a customer oriented company. Every function is focused on meeting our clients expressed, latent and satisfaction. As a wood floors specialist company we offer a wide range of outstanding customer services:
Floor sanding and finishing, solid wood and parquet fitting, dinesen floors, maintanence and care. We work within a number of different sectors: Residential buildings and properties, commercial offices, building, hotels, university, colleges and schools and sport centres, leisure centres.

We Build and Renovate Your Floors

Wood Floor Renovation and Restoration

Wooden floors are beautiful, they look great and at the same time they feel so comfortable when you step on them, because they are usually smooth and warm, and it is so easy to walk on them. The only thing is that we have to take care of it so that it will not fade or break, just like we have to take care of every piece of furniture and clothes, and things.

Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing

When do you find out that your floor needs to be refinished? Well, you can usually clearly see this. So when you look at your floor and it seems that it had lost its shine, when there are too many visible scrapes left from your pets or when there are other damages that you can not hide – then it is definitely time to renovate your floor.


Solid Wood and Parquet Fitting

It is a real classic to have parquet flooring. It brings luxury and style in the room and the entire house. There are many designs that can be chosen for the parquet and it also allows adding additional elements. And if your wish to lay parquet flooring at your home, it would be better to rely on professionals to do the job.


Wood Floor Staining and Finishing

Wood can be stained to change its colour  before application of lacquer, or other types of top-coats. It also provides a way of giving bland looking woods such as poplar, the appearance of prized furniture woods such as ebony, mahogany or walnut. It can also be coloured by exposing it to chemicals that react with the wood to form coloured compounds.

Dinesen Floors

Dinesen is a family-owned Danish wooden flooring company where the love of wood and the respect for nature have been passed down through generations. With a strong sense of the value of diversity, we create unique solid wooden floors and other exclusive solutions with wood.



Maintenance and Care

As a good owner you should be responsible for your home and you have to take care of it, and most of the things that you need to do are easy for performing. But especially after you have done renovation or repair of your floor, you need to pay more attention on its maintenance and proper care.


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Guarantee: We put a 12 month workmanship guarantee tn all our works for your peace of mind knowing that our experienced technicians will work with you, not againt you and we will be honor that guarantee by offering 6-12 monthly courtesy calls after the works are completed.