About Us

I will not be far from the truth when I say that our work is our way of living. We are of those people who love the work they are dealing with every day. And we have developed and improved during the years because this is our main goal – we want to satisfy our clients, we want them to feel comfortable and happy at their homes, they should sense that this is their own place with every step they take inside.

That is why we have expanded our process. We do not only fulfill our job related to placing the flooring of your house or apartment. We talk to our customers, trying to understand what their desires and preferences are, so that they get the best service and the most quality material possible at a reasonable price.

It does not matter where the location is, or which type of a room should be renovated, we have established certain standards of behaviour and work fulfillment and we do not want to make a compromise with it at the expense of our clients. We can proudly say that we bear in our hearts the quality and the exquisite touch for details needed for making your home a shiny and comfortable place for living and raising your children.

There are many reasons for achieving the results that we can show them to you now. A main one is of course experience and unabating desire to develop in the area of flooring services, becoming one of the best. We also work closely with international designers and architects who understand our attention to detail, our undying ambition and anxiety to see the happy smile on our clients’ faces.

And because we want to make our customers feel comfortable we have designed our website to be easy for use, to give sufficient information and to be pleasant for the eye when reviewing all the beautiful projects that we had the pleasure to do so far. Everyone is free to take a closer look at the pictures, the opinions, the prices, and the different type of services. You can make your own research and compare with other companies, see how prices are going on the market and see that we are quite reasonable about this. In the end the client can make an assessment if he wishes to get the quality services that we offer.

You can also be sure that we will be happy and we are available to answer any questions that may bother you concerning the type of the project that you want to be fulfilled for your house. And if you need a price in advance, we can discuss the kind of service that you need, we can come to your place and review it, and after that we will be ready with fixed quote. We can also have a nice talk about the different variants that are possible for the relevant place. We are professionals, and it is our duty to show you that there could be different and sometimes much better variants for you. But the customer has the final word, of course. We respect the wishes and the dreams that you have, so are trying to comply with them using our best knowledge and experience.