Wood Floor Staining and Finishing

Just with wood floor staining, you get the chance to change your floor’s colour. Whether you want it in the color of ripe Irish whisky or in a slightly darker tinge, our team of craftsmen is here to provide that for you. This is an excellent way to bring your floor’s personality to the surface--or gift them a brand-new look. We offer the best floor sanding in Dublin.


We’re the wood floor staining experts you need.

Since we established our firm in London many, many years ago, we’ve proved our expertise all over the Ireland. We’ve helped thousands of households, hotels, restaurants, and offices obtain the floors of their needs—and, of course, their dreams.

So how do you know it’s time to stain your floors?

If your floors…

  • Have lost their natural glow;
  • Have scratches and blemishes;
  • Have lost their natural color;
  • Look old and damaged;

Then it’s surely time to stain them!

As we like to say, every floor has its personality, and the act of staining a floor will encapsulate that personality—whilst also making it better!

Enjoy all the benefits wood floor staining has to offer!

Staining will revive the your floor’s color without hiding the original wood below. You will still be able to notice the grain, knots, and textures after you’ve had your floors stained.

By staining your floors, we will:

  • Bring out their natural beauty and revive their color.
  • Prevent rot and save you tons of money (and headaches) in the future.
  • Protect your floors from discoloration, cracks, and separation.
  • Give your room a feeling of quiet luxury and Irish homeliness.
  • Ease your renovation process and make keeping a clean, homely house a lot easier

Trust us, no client of ours has ever regretted having their floors stained! It’s like getting your entire home renovated—but without the hassle. It’s a cost-effective way of transforming your floors and, in turn, making your entire space much better than ever before.


Even so, we know you may be hesitant, especially if you’ve never had your floors stained before—or if you had a horrible prior floor staining experience. In that case, we’ve got your back. Reach out. Ask for help. We’re here to help you. Your questions and concerns could hardly floor us.

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