Wood floor maintenance and care

The Best Way To Wood Floor Maintenance Care
Wood floors contribute a timeless and warm elegance to any home. Maintaining their optimal appearance requires consistent care. If your floor is made of solid hardwood, engineered wood or laminate. Looking for a suitable maintenance method to preserve the natural beauty of your floors in the long run? Our professional wood floor maintenance care services are designed to cater to the unique needs of your floors, ensuring they retain their natural beauty for years to come. Discover the best way to care for your wood floors with our comprehensive maintenance solutions.

Who we are?

Artisan flooring is more than just a wood floor maintenance service provider; we are a team of seasoned experts who understand the artistry and craftsmanship behind every wooden floor. We deliver top-notch wood floor maintenance care. Artisan flooring make sure that your wood floors continue to radiate elegance. Our team comprises exceptionally skilled professionals who possess specialized expertise in the maintenance of wood floors. Our profound grasp extends to the nuanced intricacies entwined with a diverse array of wood varieties, finishes, and aesthetic styles. This knowledge enables us to customize our services to cater to the specific requirements of your floors.

Do wood floors need maintenance?

Yes, wood floors do require regular maintenance to ensure they retain their beauty and structural integrity over time. Proper maintenance helps can prevent damage. Like scratches, dents and warping. It extends the lifespan of the wood. Routine maintenance preserves the visual appeal of your hardwood floors. Also it ensures their lasting structural integrity. The specific maintenance needs may vary depending on the type of wood flooring dublin you have. So it's essential to follow our recommendations and guidelines for optimal care.

Complete Process Of Our Wood Floor Maintenance Care

1.Customized Maintenance Plans

Our team of seasoned professionals recognizes the uniqueness of each wood floor. We customize our maintenance plans to align with the specific type of wood floor maintenance care in your home, be it solid wood flooring, engineered wood, or laminate. Our tailored approach guarantees that your floors will receive the precise care they need for their health while protecting the underlying integrity.

2. Daily Dusting and Sweeping

The accumulation of dust and dirt can function as abrasive agents, leading to scratches over time. Regular dusting and sweeping is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Otherwise, your wood floor may scratch the restoration surface. Our team employs industry-best practices and premium tools to delicately remove particles, preserving the luster of your floors.

3.Immediate Spill Cleanup

Accidents happen, but swift spill cleanup is vital to prevent lasting damage. Our professionals are equipped to address spills promptly, using specialized techniques and absorbent materials that safeguard your wood floors from warping and discoloration.

4.Advanced Vacuuming Techniques

Our state of the art vacuuming techniques ensure thorough cleaning without causing any harm to your wood floors. We utilize vacuum cleaners with soft-bristle attachments and canister vacuums to efficiently remove dirt and debris, keeping your floors in pristine condition.

5.Weekly Cleaning Routine

Our weekly cleaning routine involves a meticulous process that includes vacuuming and damp mopping with industry-approved hardwood floor cleaners. This ensures a comprehensive cleaning of your wood floors, maintaining their shine and cleanliness without compromising their structural integrity.

6.Professional Deep Cleaning

Every 1-2 months, our team conducts a deep cleaning session that goes beyond routine maintenance. We use top-tier hardwood floor cleaners and microfiber mops, working in small sections to ensure the most thorough and effective cleaning possible.

7.Scuff Mark Removal Expertise

Our professionals are adept at removing scuff marks with precision. Whether it's a light scuff that needs gentle buffing or the use of baking soda or a heavy scuff, we have the skills to make your wood floors look flawless.

8.Preventive Measures

We advocate for preventive measures such as a no-shoes policy and keeping floors dry. Our team provides valuable advice on maintaining a clean environment to reduce wear and tear on your wood floor maintenance care.

9.Quality Cleaning Products

We only use the best cleaning products that are specifically formulated for various wood floor types. Our commitment to quality ensures that your floors receive the care they deserve.

10.Professional Refinishing Services

When your wood floors show signs of wear, scratches, or dullness, our professional refinishing services can breathe new life into them. Our team is skilled in revitalizing the appearance of your floors, extending their lifespan and beauty.

Does wood floor absorb water?

Yes, wood floors can absorb water, and excessive moisture is one of the primary threats to the longevity and appearance of wood flooring. When wood absorbs water, it can lead to various issues, including warping, cupping, swelling, and the development of mold and mildew. Therefore, it's crucial to take measures to protect wood floors from moisture.

How to protect wood floors from moisture?

To safeguard wood floors from moisture damage, strategically place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas, particularly near entrances. These additions can effectively capture moisture, preventing it from reaching the wood floor. Since shoes can introduce dirt, debris, and moisture, implementing a no-shoes policy can significantly reduce the risk of these elements reaching your wood floors. In the event of spills, promptly clean them up to prevent water from seeping into the wood. Utilize an absorbent cloth or towel to thoroughly dry the affected area.

Moreover, it's crucial to maintain indoor humidity levels within the range of 30% to 50%. Excessive humidity can result in wood expansion and contraction. To address humid conditions, employ a dehumidifier, while in drier conditions, use a humidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels. If you have a wood floor installed over a concrete subfloor, use a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from rising through the concrete and affecting the wood.

Benefits of Wood Floor Maintenance Care

  • Put a protective mat or rug on your wooden floors. This will reduce the debris, dirt, and dust. Clean spills as soon as they happen. This will reduce the appearance of stains. Use a dampened cloth.
  • Encourage your guests to take their shoes off and offer slippers. This will protect your floors from gathering extra dirt and being damaged by shoe soles.
  • Use a soft broom or a microfiber mop daily. Vacuum weakly. Don’t press the vacuum cleaner into the floor. Use a wood flooring cleaner once a month. Ask our team for specific recommendations.
  • Place felt pads on the legs of your furniture and don’t move furniture around for the sake of it. Prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, reducing wear and tear. This, in turn, extends the lifespan of your wood floors.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance address issues such as gaps, cracks, and water damage promptly, preserving the structural integrity of the wood. This prevents problems like cupping and warping.

What is wood floor varnish?

An application of wood floor varnish enhances the appearance and durability of wooden floors by providing a protective, transparent, or semi-transparent finish. Varnish creates a hard, glossy, or matte surface that helps to shield the wood from wear, scratches, moisture, and other potential damage. It is a popular choice for finishing hardwood floors because of its ability to provide a protective layer while showcasing the natural beauty of the wood.
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How long does floor varnish last?

The durability of the varnish depends on the specific type used. Some varnishes are formulated for heavy traffic areas and provide a longer-lasting finish. Wood floor varnish can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more before requiring recoating. It's essential to monitor the condition of your wood floors regularly and reapply varnish as needed to keep them in optimal condition. Adhere unfailingly to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding maintenance and recoating intervals tailored to the particular varnish product you have applied.
What should you not put on engineered hardwood floors?
Avoid excessive water exposure, as it can lead to warping, swelling, and damage to the engineered wood. Promptly wipe up spills and use a damp (not wet) mop for cleaning your engineered hardwood floors. Additionally, avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or steel wool, as these materials can scratch or damage the surface of the engineered hardwood. Avoid using cleaners with high alkaline or acidic content, as they can damage the finish of the flooring. Heavy furniture can scratch or dent the surface.

Walking on engineered hardwood floors with high heels or shoes with cleats can leave dents and scratches. Keep pet claws trimmed to prevent scratches on the floor's surface. Fading and discoloration can be caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Protect your floors from UV rays by using curtains or blinds. Avoid using steam cleaners, as the moisture and heat can damage the engineered wood and void warranties.
Why Set Us Apart?
We know the complete process of wood floor maintenance care from experience. Artisan flooring tips will protect your floors from damage and save you lots of time and money in the long-term. To assess your floors' specific needs, our team will inspect them thoroughly. We are equipped to provide services such as sanding and finishing, effectively eliminating any bothersome stains and scratches. Our goal is to restore your floors to their original, natural glow, ensuring your satisfaction with the renewed appearance of your space. However, if you feel that your floors have been damaged beyond DIY repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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