The Best Oak Floor Sanding and Finishing in Blackrock You Have Ever Seen!

Technology: Solid Oak Floor Sanding and Finishing

Materials: Solid Oak Planks

Total area: 101 sqm

Category: Residential

Location: Blackrock, Dublin

Date: July, 2019

Description: Solid Oak Floor Sanding and finishing in Blackrock. From our team right to your home.

Description of Works:
Sanding and finishing the Main Lobby restaurant at Intercontinental Hotel.
Our team of wood specialists sanded and finished the wooden floors of this property’s living room. This brought out the natural light of its floors, engulfing the family in a room of luxury and Irishness. “Wow, those floors are in the color of my favorite whisky,” our Irish exclaimed. Needless to say, he was thrilled.

We sanded the oak floors starting from 60 grit and ending at 120 grit. We effectively erased old, tatty wood finishes and levelled out worn areas. Free of scratches, our client’s floors are freshly rejuvenated and ready for the decades to come.

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