Sanding Floor Services: Artisan Flooring’s Professional Touch in Ireland

Sanding Floor Services: Artisan Flooring’s Professional Touch in Ireland

When it’s time to rejuvenate your wooden floors, look no further than sanding floor services offered by Artisan Flooring. We understand the transformative power of a well-sanded floor, unveiling the natural beauty and richness hidden beneath layers of wear. Our experienced team is here to bring out the best in your floors with precision and care.

Why Sanding Floor Services Matter

  1. Restores Original Beauty: Sanding eliminates surface scratches, stains, and dents, revealing the wood’s natural grain and pattern.
  2. Prepares for Finishing: Proper sanding provides a smooth base for stains, oils, or sealants to bond effectively and protect the floor.
  3. Increases Durability: Removing damaged layers and applying new finishes strengthens the wood, extending its lifespan.
  4. Enhances Property Value: Well-maintained wooden floors significantly boost the appeal and value of any property.
  5. Personalised Design: Sanding provides a blank canvas for experimenting with stains and finishes to match your desired aesthetic.

Why Choose Artisan Flooring for Sanding Floor Services?

  1. Skilled Craftsmanship: Our team has extensive experience in understanding different wood types and their unique properties.
  2. Modern, Dust-Free Technology: We use advanced sanding equipment that minimises dust and keeps your space clean.
  3. Tailored Solutions: Our approach is customised based on your floor’s needs, ensuring a flawless finish.
  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: Our products and finishes are safe for families and environmentally conscious.
  5. Transparent Pricing: We offer honest, accurate quotes without hidden costs.

Artisan Flooring’s Sanding Floor Services Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Our experts assess your floor’s current state and listen to your preferences for finish and colour.
  2. Preparation: We carefully remove furniture and seal adjacent rooms to prevent dust from spreading.
  3. Coarse Sanding: Using coarse sandpaper, we remove old finishes and surface imperfections.
  4. Fine Sanding: Gradually finer sandpapers refine the surface, leaving a smooth finish ready for sealing.
  5. Edges and Corners: Specialised tools ensure no area is overlooked, including tight edges and corners.
  6. Finish Application: Your chosen stain, oil, or sealant is applied to protect and enhance the wood’s appearance.
  7. Final Inspection: Our team inspects every inch of the floor to ensure a consistent, beautiful finish.

How to Maintain Your Floor After Sanding

  1. Regular Cleaning: Dust-mop regularly and use a damp mop with a gentle wood cleaner for a deeper clean.
  2. Furniture Pads: Attach felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents.
  3. Protective Mats: Place mats at entryways to catch dirt and avoid scratching the floor.
  4. Periodic Refinishing: Check for signs of wear and refinish your floor as needed to maintain its lustre.

FAQs About Sanding Floor Services

  1. How often should floors be sanded?
    • Every 7-10 years, depending on the wood type and traffic levels.
  2. Can engineered wood floors be sanded?
    • Yes, provided the wear layer is thick enough to handle sanding.
  3. Is it better to DIY or hire professionals?
    • Hiring professionals ensures a dust-free, flawless finish, avoiding potential DIY mistakes.
  4. What finishes are best for high-traffic areas?
    • Water-based polyurethane is durable and well-suited for busy spaces.

Interesting Facts About Sanding Floor Services

  1. Timeless Appeal: Wooden floors have maintained their popularity for centuries due to their elegance and durability.
  2. Sustainability: Wooden floors are environmentally friendly due to their renewable nature.
  3. Customisable Designs: Different stains and finishes provide endless options to match your style.

Restore Your Wooden Floors with Artisan Flooring’s Sanding Floor Services

Are your floors ready for a transformation? Trust Artisan Flooring’s sanding floor services to bring them back to their prime. Visit to book your free consultation and let us reveal the hidden beauty of your wooden floors.